Udi Tamir- Head of Mechina

Lives in Tirat Zvi Kibbutz. Married to Yaeli, father of Neomi, Zohar, Avigail.
Served as an in the Nachal Brigade 
Ownes a B.A in Psychology and  an M.A in Jewish thought

""Great is the study of the Torah when combined with a wordly occupation, for toil on them both puts sin out of mind" (Pirkey Avot= Ethics of the fathers, 2:2)

Miri Davidovitz- Administrative Director

Lives in Beit Shean and grew up here. Married to Mendi, mother of Naama and Erez.




"What is most important is what you leave behind you "

Tanya Alon- Educational Director

Lives in Tirat Zvi Kibbutz. Married to Avida, mother of Ayana, Rotem-Zvi, Oved, Tidhar. Served as an Educational commander in the Egoz combat unit. Owns a B.A in informal education and comparative literature, towards finishing her M.A in Jewish Education and  Midrash.


"Be a Friend"
(Pirkey Avot= Ethics of the fathers)

Avner Heller- Founder President

 Member of Sde Eliyahu Kibbutz. Performed various administrative and management positions in the Kibbutz. Graduate of ‘Machon Lev’, Jerusalem college of Technology. Certified mediator.Initiator and promoter of Mechinat Ha’Emek, founder President.





Oz LeShem- Guide

Grew up in Maccabim-Reut and later inTel Aviv. Graduate of Ein Prat . loves to travel.


Tamar Arad- Guide

Grew up in Nataf community


"I was born from a continuous 'I don't know'"
Wyslawa Szymborska