Bikoura Time

Bikura is the block of 4 communities within the Beit She’an valley (TelTeomim, Revaya, Rechov, Sde-Trumot). Mechinat Ha’Emek

 Located in Tel-Teomin, Mechinat Ha’Emek’s main goal is to work with the local residents in order to address the complex challenges of living in the periphery and raise their sense of pride through the key action areas: community, education, culture, etc. in accordance of the needs of each community.

 We see our student’s partners in community life of all Bikura communities. By providing solutions for different populations, keeping contact with the youth and children, tutorial assistance, leading social activities and creating the infrastructure for an independent local Youth Leadership, helping and creating personal relationships with the elderly by documenting their accounts, leveraging the domain of ecological and environmental awareness.                                                        

 All these are means for personal contact with the local residents and life partnership in order to raise the level of the student’s interference in the surrounding communities and their sense of belonging to the Beit She’an Valley.